Signs Of Hail Damage To Your Roof

hail marks

Hailstorms can come and go in a blink of an eye, but even in that short time, those hailstones can wreak havoc on your property – especially your roof. 

That’s why when a hailstorm hits in your area, it’s important to have your roof checked for damage. Hail damage to your roof or shingles can be hard to spot from the ground and likely will require a professional inspection. However, there are some surefire signs of hail damage you can watch for to determine if you think your roof could have hail damage. 

Look for other signs of hail damage around your property

Hail is random in its patterns and may damage a few houses on a street or an entire city. To get a better idea of what happened on your property, start by searching for signs of hail damage around your yard and property. Things like dents in cars, broken windows, damage to air conditioners, damage to plants and trees, and damage to other exterior furnishings, can provide you with ample evidence that a professional roof inspection for hail damage is needed. 

Signs of surface hail damage to your roof or shingles

For reasons like safety, warranties, and insurance claims, we recommend scheduling an inspection with a professional roofer that will safely and thoroughly inspect your roof. But if you do decide to inspect your roof on your own, the first thing you might check for is surface damage. 

Asphalt shingle roofs typically show small divots, bruises, granule loss, or round bare areas on shingles.

The pros at Twincreek Roofing stress that not all hail damage can be seen on the surface of a roof. In fact, they said splits and cracks in shingles often can’t be seen from the surface. But with the right roofer, you’ll be provided with a thorough report on their findings and what they recommend.

Is roof hail damage covered by insurance?

Most insurance policies do cover hail damage… but not all. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with your homeowner’s policy. While many policies cover hail damage, there are many stipulations to consider:

  • Claims usually have to be filed within a year of the event and may cause your premium rates to rise
  • A deductible may have to be paid before the insurance company pays its share
  • Cosmetic roof damage from hail may not be covered

Some roofing contractors, like Twincreek Roofing in Columbus, will work directly with you and your insurance company. This provides you with an easy experience and helps you get maximum coverage.

Hail damage, unfortunately, can’t be prevented – especially here in Ohio. It’s important to have your roof inspected annually. This helps keep you from incurring expensive and extensive fixes down the road from water damage or worse. 

If you need a roof inspection for hail damage in Columbus, you can hire Twincreek Roofing knowing you’ll get quality Amish craftsmanship and clear, upfront pricing every time.

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