Winter Roof Safety: Roof Care In Colder Months

house covered in snow

Winter weather – especially in Ohio – can be tough on your roof. Heavy snow, ice, and freezing temperatures all potentially take their toll. It’s important to take care of your roof during the winter months, ensuring that it stays in good condition and keeps your home safe and warm. Here are some winter roof safety tips for maintaining your roof and staying safe during the winter.

Clear snow and ice from your roof

In Ohio, heavy snow and ice can build up on your roof, which can cause damage or even a collapse. If your roof is flat or low-sloped, it’s especially important to clear snow and ice regularly to prevent the weight from accumulating and potentially causing damage. However, it is never safe to go up onto a snow or ice-covered roof. To ensure safety, call a roofing pro to clear it or use a roof rake to gently remove snow and ice. Use care to avoid damaging the shingles or other roofing materials.

Inspect your roof for damage

Winter storms can notoriously lead to missing or damaged shingles, leaks, or other issues with your roof. Regularly having your roof inspected can help you identify any problems early on so they can be addressed before they become major issues.

Trim tree branches near your roof

Snow and ice weigh down tree branches, which can then fall onto your roof or other property and cause damage. It’s best to keep branches close to your roof trimmed properly to help prevent this type of damage.

Keep your gutters clean

Clogged gutters prevent water from properly draining off your roof, which can lead to ice dams and other structural problems. Make sure your gutters are cleaned regularly, especially during the winter months, to ensure that they are functioning properly.

Avoid walking on your roof

It’s never a good idea to walk on your roof, especially during the winter when the surface is slippery and unstable. If you need to do any work on your roof, hire a professional like Twincreek Roofing in Sunbury, OH, to do it for you.

Following these tips will help ensure your roof stays in good condition and keeps your home safe and warm during the winter months. If you have any concerns about the condition of your roof, it’s always a good idea to consult a professional roofing contractor.

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